She has worked as a

Billing Supervisor for a SFO based Cardiology Practice

Medicare Secondary Billing Specialist

Cardiology Billing Office Manager

Certified Cardiology Coder - Hospital

Client Liaison/Educator

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Marie Reybitz, RN, BA, CPC, CPC-H, CPC-I, CCS-P

Set up the new billing office for billing and coding of vascular access procedures, and interventional radiology procedures including but not limited to, dialysis fistulas, fistula maintenance, catheter placement, and endovascular revascularization, and cardiovascular interventions for cardiac cath and other cardiac procedures for 7 offices in 5 states.

Billing Supervisor

Billing and Medicare Secondary Billing Specialist

Billed Medicare as primary and secondary payer for interventional radiological procedures for a group practice at California. These included but were not limited to, cardiac catheterizations, uterine embolisms, liver tumor ablations, and vein removal and stripping.

American Academy of Professional Coders

In this capacity have strived to stay current in the coding profession and have worked with the FBI in the state of Texas investing Medicare/Medicaid fraud charges

Certified Professional Coder- Hospital

HCC/Risk Coder

Coded managed care contract charts for the risk coding necessary for correct payment from Medicare to managed care contracts.

I have expertise with the following EMR/EHR S/W

Cardiologist  from California

Liam Campbell

"We were struggling with coding related denials and a slow revenue cycle. BillingParadise increased the hospital’s coding accuracy by 60% and shortened its path to payment"

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Cardiology Surgeon , Florida

"I've just started working with BillingParadise and and after 7 months it has been an awesome support which Alice & team at billingparadise has been providing and the value I am getting from their team is mind-blowing"

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